Samuli Naamanka

Interior architect Samuli Naamanka (born 1969) is known as a versatile designer whose work combines care-fully considered vocabulary of form with creative technical innovation. As well as product design and interior design, Naamanka specialises in environmental design. Amongst other things, he has carried out groundbreaking work in the development of concrete products. The results of this have given rise, for example, to patent invention for a Graphic Concrete patterning technology.
Samuli Naamanka was awarded for example the 2004 elevation building prize by the Julkisivuyhdistys (the Finnish facade foundation) for developing graphic concrete, the SIO Furniture Designer of the Year prize in 2005, FX design award, London 2003, the Nordiska design prize in 2008 and EcoDesign 1.Prize at Habitare 2010, the Biodegradable Roll on lamp shade - judge by Ingo Maurer. He has also given The Arts Council of Finland 5-year artist grant 2009-2013 and 2019 - 2024. His most recent awards are GOOD DESIGN® Award 2018, the Chicago athenaeum museum of architecture and design and Asko Avonius design award which is awarded every three years. Confession is one of the biggest prizes given to Finnish architect or a designer.

Samuli Naamanka Reseptori Ltd
Loylytie 18, 02770 Espoo, Finland

Awards and Grants

2019 Nordic Council of Ministers, competition for the design of sustainable chairs
2019 -2023 The Arts Council of Finland 5-year artist grant 
2018 GOOD DESIGN® Award 2018, the Chicago athenaeum museum of architecture and design
2015 Asko Foundation
2015 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2014 The Arts Council of Finland, regional fund of Uusimaa.
2009 -2013 The Arts Council of Finland 5-year artist grant
2012 Best Material 2011 at the Material Xperience, Netherlands
2012 A dozen journalists, Habitare, Finland
2010 1st prize, EcoDesign Habitare, Finland
2009 Aarre M Mattien Foundation
2009 The Habitare Collection
2009 A dozen journalists, Habitare, Finland
2008 Forum Ls 1+award, Sweden
2008 The Arts Council of Finland
2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation Uusimaa.
2007 Ornamo Foundation
2007 Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region
2006 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2006 The Arts Council of Finland
2005 Façade of 2004 in Finland
2005 Furniture Designer of the Year, SIO, Finland
2005 1st prize for talents as a designer, Habitare, Finland
2005 The Arts Council of Finland
2004 1st prize Grand Prix Mobitex, Czeck
2004 1st prize: ADEX Platinum, USA
2004 The Arts Council of Finland
2004 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2003 1st prize: FX – Design Awards, England
2003 Karin and Erik Bryggman Fund
2003 K. and J. Vuorinen Fund
2002 1st prize innovative material use for building, Finland 2000 Runar Bäckström Fund
1999 Einar Kahelin Fund

Works in Exhibitions ( selection )

2020 the Nordic Chairs Exhibition at EXPO in Dubai
2019 Sustainable Chairs at Designmuseum Danmark
2014 The FRENCH DESIGN CONNECTION exhibition in NY Design Week
2014 EcoDesign and Upm Grada Triennale di Milano, Italy
2013 Finnish wood in Bienal de Diseño Chile.
2013 Meet my Project at Studio Next, Milano, Italy.
2013 Nordic Cool, The Kenedy Center, Washington DC, Usa.
2012 Radical Design Week Shanghai, China.
2012 Sustainabile Design from Finland, Venice, Italy
2012 Take Nord Shape, Naamanka, Rintala, Eggertsson, Pavilion Triennale Garden Milan
2012 5x3 Design Visions: Pentti Hakala, Cecilie Manz, Samuli Naamanka, Fiskars, Finland. 2011 Cantú meets Helsinki Triennale di Milano, Italy.
2011 New Fiinnish design Scenarios, New York, USA.
2010 - 2009 Take Nord Shape, Naamanka, Rintala, Egertsson,
the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague, 2010, House of Art Brno, 2009, Czech
2010 Hirameki Design+Finland,Tokyo, Japan
2009 Piiroinen exhibition +Case Gallery, Tokyo
2008 Solo exhibitions Living Design Center OZONE, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Solo exhibitions Alvar Aalto – museum by invitation, Jyväskylä, Finland
2008 Under the tree Martela exhibition Milan, Italy
2008 Gallery Abitare Creativo Avarte exhibition Milan, Italy
2007 Martela Design Event, Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2007 Naamanka and Martikainen, Galleria 5, Oulu, Finland
2007 Naamanka and Lindfors, Martela exhibition, Gallery Arnaud, Milan, Italy
2006 Re – interpreting Nature, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland
2005-2008 SAUMA Design as Cultural Interface, Washington, New York,
Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Helsinki
2006 -2008 Cool Dozen - , Toronto, Ottawa, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzen, Rouen
2005 Finnish design club ambulant, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 Dream Team, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki
2000 Pinewood objects, Puun Aika, Fiskars and Sibeliushouse, Lahti, Finland
2000 100-designers in Töölönlahti, Helsinki
2000 Young Forum. Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Glasgow, Jyväskylä,
Biennale Saint-Etienne, Arlon, Budapest.

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