As part of the Take Nord Shape project, the Finnish pavilion, installed in the garden of the Milan Triennale, presents sustainable furniture and Graphic Concrete, an innovative surface treatment Sustainable architecture and eco-friendly design.

Take Nord Shape* is a distinctively Nordic project conceived as a travelling exhibition of architecture and design, promoted by architects Samuli Naamanka, Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertsson. As part of this initiative and in the context of the Fuori Salone 2012, they will present the Graphic Concrete Pavilion, built and displayed on the grounds of the Milan Triennale with the aim of raising questions relative to sustainable architecture and eco-friendly design.

The architectural project, which adheres to the principles of sustainable development, bears the signatures of the Norwegian architect office of Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertsson. Finnish inter.architect Samuli Naamanka is responsible instead for inventing the innovative exterior treatment called Graphic Concrete, a patented product from which the pavilion takes its name and that exploits the interesting graphic possibilities offered by concrete surfaces. The Italian company TRUZZI, specialists in pre-fabricated concrete, is the sponsor of the initiative and collaborated actively in developing Graphic Concrete and in building the pavilion. TRUZZI is also directly involved in popularizing and commercializing the Graphic Concrete technology on the Italian market. Furthermore all the internal and external lighting system of the pavilion is realized with Saas Instruments LED technology products.

Also on display are products and furnishing accessories designed by Samuli Naamanka, some in collaboration with other designers, for a number of enlightened Finnish manufacturers – ARKTIS, PIIROINEN, PLASTEXDESIGN, SAAS Instruments – selected on the basis of the sensitivity they've demonstrated in the use of and research on biodegradable, organic recyclable and other green materials consistent with the ecological theme of the show. The Graphic Concrete Pavilion is 'showcase' with a dual function: illustrate the Graphic Concrete concept on the exterior walls, and host eco-design furnishings and accessories inside.

The Pavilion is conceived as a temporary structure, a container realized with prefabricated concrete elements that are easily disassembled and transported, ready to be reutilized for the next show on another site. It is a 'box' that asserts its own dynamism and temporariness, like a house built of playing cards. The exterior shell, the 'skin' of the Pavilion, is a symbolic synthesis of the innumerable expressive possibilities of Graphic Concrete patterns, inspired in this case by natural elements like water, fire and plant life. Applied to walls set at different angles, they refract light and generate constantly shifting effects of chiaroscuro.

Internally, it is accessible from multiple sides and organized into small rooms, each designed to accentuate the product families hosted there: objects, furniture, accessories and lamps by Samuli Naamanka in collaboration with other designers. Each room is lit by natural light that enters laterally. The spaces are articulated around a central point that instead receives light from above, offering a splendid view of the open sky