PIIROINEN launched ecological Compos lobby chair designed by Samuli Namaanka for the first time at their exhibition in Japan 3/24 April 2009. The collection includes different furniture: the Compos lobby chair, the Compos lobby table, the Compos café chair and new designs Compos conference and Compos barstool launching at the Take Nord Shape Exhibition 2012. The seats of all the products are in a completely new material produced from 100% biodegradable natural fibre.: It does not use any inorganic materials, even as bonding agent. Choice of material ensures that the total impact on the environment throughout the product lifecycle is minimal from its manufacture to its disposal.

Samuli Naamanka, Architect:
"I conducted a 3-year study on pressing natural fibers for the requirements of the furniture industry. The goal was to obtain folds and curves in three directions and the relative thicknesses of the material. We started with the premise of using only organic materials, which we fully achieved with the Compos chair. It's important to note that the cost of the moulds for this type of technology, compared with those for plastic or aluminum, is much lower, meaning that the production of a 3D chair can be done with a reduced investment. One of the most significant advantages by comparison to plastic chairs is the temperature of the surface, which is much warmer, making it more pleasant to sit in".