Samuli Naamanka will launch part of his " Arctic Reflection " glass serie made in Nuutajärvi AS PART OF
The FRENCH DESIGN CONNECTION exhibition in NY Design Week, May 17-20, 2014, Chambers Hotel 15 w 56th st New York, NY 10019.

" Arctic Reflection " is his unique glass works of research journey for different light reflections. Different shapes and thickness of Free - blown glass and its influence for lights playing in the glass and shadows. Glass series take its inspiration of the shadows, haze and brightness of the day lights in the arctic circle. Thick glass is essential for bringing out the optics and the reflections. These pieces crystalize the magic of glass reflections which is impossible to express by photograph. The glass and the play of light can only be experienced live on site. "Arctic Reflection" pieces are hand made by the glass blower without any use of moulds. "Arctic Reflection" pieces are made in Finland's oldest Glass Village located at the Nuutajärvi. For over 200 years, glassblowing has been at the center of this small community. The "Arctic Reflection" series is handcrafted by master glass blowers Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo.













New Finnish Design Scenarios May 12-17, 2011, New York


Take Nord Shape / Samuli Naamanka, Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson /
 The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague, the Czech Republic,


Lamp Shade by Samuli Naamanka Awarded EcoDesign Prize at Habitare 2010, Helsinki

All four winning lighting fixtures reflected the main judge Ingo Maurer’s ideas of environmental friendliness, concepts, aesthetics and execution. The central element of the Biodegradable Roll on lamp shade by Samuli Naamanka is its material: polylactic acid made out of starch sugar. Ingo Maurer considered Naamanka’s work the most ecological in the entire exhibition. Furthermore, one of the strengths of the lamp shade is the minor need for material and the ease of production and transportation. By using different types of lamps with the shade, one can easily change the ambience.
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Take Nord Shape / Samuli Naamanka, Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson /
 The Brno House of Arts, Brno, the Czech Republic, 23.9.-1.11.2009


COMPOS chair LAUNCHING in TOKYO / Piiroinen Tokyo Show Room, Japan, 30.10-3.11.200


BLACK SWAN in Milan, 23.-27.4.2009 / Martela  


Samuli Naamanka - ART AND INDUSTRY
- / Living Design Center OZONE, Tokyo, Japan, 30.10.-3.11.2008
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Press release (Japan)
SAUMA [Design as Cultural Interface], Washicton DC, New York, Los Angeles, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stvanger


under THE tree in Milan, 16.-21.4.2008 / Martela


ABITARE CREATIVO! in Milan 2008 / Avarte


Samuli Naamanka - ART AND INDUSTRY - / Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyväskylä, FINLAND, 7.3.- 25.5.2008  


The Nordic Designprize 2008 awarded to Uni chair


Martela 2007 in Milan